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Below are the Lebanese artists participating in graff me Lebanon!!!

ZED | Lebanon

Zed is a self-taught street artist and illustrator, born and raised in Beirut. His style has evolved through concentrating on street illustrations for the past 4 years. Though at times revealing violent and provocative attitudes; his illustrations are nevertheless produced with the purpose of allowing Beirut a voice to speak for itself.

Street Woman reading a book

His interest in human figures, textures, manners and behaviours is revealed through his renditions of everyday scenes in large street format.

KABRIT | Lebanon

Whatever will go wrong, will go wrong


One of the youngest active street artists in Lebanon, Kabrit’s (“Match Stick”) style varies from basic old school lettering to illustration, with his main interest being in calligraphy.

He is also currently experimenting with a combination of comic book style, calligraphy and installations


 PHAT2 | Lebanon

Active since 2009, Phat2 is a graffiti writer from Beirut who quickly became well-known for his prevalent work all around the streets. His style varies between wild style lettering and bright detailed illustrations.

Phat Toulouse

Inspired by Linkin Park’s early CD cover artworks, Phat2’s style continues to evolve with his most recent innovation being featured on canvas at the street art exhibit “Beyond the wall” held last April in Beirut.


EPS | Lebanon

When asked to sum up his life in a nutshell, he would call it a declared war on mainstream boredom. « We can change the world and make it a better place and if not completely better, at least better looking.” His motto is « Let them walls speak out what’s on our mind ».

Power to the people

Currently, « EPS » is Beirut-based, working at Gate 69 as a graphic designer.

He expresses his message through adventurous experimenting and remaining open to various visual styles.

FISH | Lebanon     

Fish’s passion for graffiti began while on a trip to Greece in the mid 90’s, after which he began experimenting with the art on the streets of his own hometown.

Fish Skeleton/Arabic Typo'

The 2006 war in Lebanon had a huge impact on the artist as it fuelled him with grief and a deep despair which he channelled into beautifying the walls of his then crippled city. He has not been able to stop since then.

M3ALIM | Lebanon

M3alim (pronounced “Maalem”) started doing graffiti in 2007 and has become well-known for being one of the few Graffiti Artists who uses Arabic in their artwork.

M3alim graduated from the Lebanese University with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Architecture and has won many architecture and graffiti competitions.

In 2011, he opened his own studio in Beirut. His workplace, transformed into a graffiti platform, has become the source of his inspiration and creativity.